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Hydraulic Institute Engineering Data Library

The HI Engineering Data Library is a comprehensive guide for pump users, pump manufacturers and engineers in need of references for pump principles, calculations and unit conversions. It covers topics like Net Positive Suction Head, Pump and System Curves, and frictional losses, utilizing standards developed by HI and other reputable sources. The data library will be updated frequently with new information.

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About HI

Since 1917, the Hydraulic Institute (HI) - the largest association of pump industry manufacturers in North America - has served member companies and pump users by providing product standards and a forum for the exchange of industry information. HI has established itself as the leading spokesperson for the North American pump industry. The Institute offers a wide variety of programs and services, each tailored to member needs: standards development, networking opportunities, access to specific statistical data and economic reports, promotional opportunities, educational materials, breaking industry news, participation in industry initiatives, and more.

HI's Mission:

Our mission is to advance the pump manufacturing industry by becoming the world's resource for pumping solutions by:

(a) Addressing Pump Systems

(b) Developing Standards

(c) Expanding Knowledge and Resources

(d) Educating the Marketplace

(e) Advocating for the Industry